CTV's Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lloyd Robertson says he is staying on the news desk, refuting Internet rumours that said he would be retiring after the Olympic Games.

"A fascinating work of fiction," is how Robertson referred to the rumours on Vancouver talk radio station CKNW.

He said he had no plans at this time to retire.

"I don't know where this comes from, the premise is that I am tired, I am worn out . . . but I'm fine, I'm thriving (here) at the Olympics," Robertson, 76, said.

A media blog late Monday reported that Robertson was planning to tell CTV at a March 3 meeting that he was resigning his post as chief news anchor.

Robertson said that he is anchoring CTV's federal budget coverage on March 4, and would be too busy with his job to have a meeting on March 3.

The blog is run by Howard Bernstein, a former TV producer who has worked for CBC, CTV and Global according to his website.

The post went viral on Tuesday, and was one of Twitter's most trending topics in Canada by mid-afternoon.

Robertson joined CTV in 1976 and has a broadcasting career spanning 50 years. He was voted as Canada's most trusted news anchor by TV Guide readers for 11 years in a row.