Spanish clothing retailer Zara has launched its first-ever unisex line of clothing in a bid to break down stereotypes about men and women’s fashion.

The “Ungendered” collection includes basic T-shirts, track suits and jeans marketed to both men and women. The ad campaign for the clothes also features male and female models.

“Ungendered is a selection of curated silhouettes enhanced by the easy and comfortable approach to basics,” Zara said in a statement, adding that the collection was specifically designed with the fashion tendencies of Zara customers in mind.

And fashion experts say gender-neutral trends have been growing rapidly in recent years.

“If I were to put money on any of the trends that we see on Trend Hunter, gender diversity and gender fluidity and acceptance -- that would be it,” said Courtney Scharf, a researcher at Trend Hunter.

Scharf said non-gendered products are also found among other goods, including toys, makeup and perfumes.

The trend is proving most popular with millennials. The issue recently came into the spotlight when Jaden Smith, actor Will Smith’s son, became the new face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s wear collection.

Even though Zara is currently the only mainstream retailer that has a non-gendered clothing line, Scharf expects the trend to grow quickly.

Target is set to release its own gender-neutral line of clothing next summer.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Dana Levenson