TORONTO -- A cat named Perdita who’s been called the “world’s worst” and “just a jerk” is up for adoption at an animal shelter in North Carolina.

A now-viral Facebook post from the Mitchell County Animal Rescue in Spruce Pine, N.C., indicates Perdita is “not for the faint of heart” and doesn’t like hugs. Staff initially thought she was sick, but it turns out she was “just a jerk.”

Perdita is not good with kittens, children or dogs, either. She can be so troublesome that the shelter has agreed to waive her adoption fee. 

“Obviously we don’t know all the cats in the world, so maybe she’s not the worst, but for us, she’s pretty close,” Amber Lowery, executive director of the shelter, told CTV News Channel. “We really just wanted for people to get a laugh and get the information out there and find an appropriate home.”

Lowery said that Perdita arrived at the facility after her owner passed away and neighbours realized they could no longer take care of her on their own.

“She’s kind of earned the right to be a jerk,” she said.

While Lowery admits that Perdita bit someone earlier in the day and typically growls from the back of her cage, she does enjoy a certain amount of human interaction.  

“She rubs on the cage and when you go to pet her and give her little scratches, she likes it, but if you open this cage and do that, she’s coming after you,” she said. 

Since the ad went viral, Lowery said the rescue centre has received more than 50 adoption applications.

“It’s all really good homes that understand cats and their body language,” she said. “We’re eager for someone prove us wrong and make her the world’s best cat.”