TORONTO - After 12 long years, a Florida woman was reunited with her fox terrier after the missing dog was found several states over in Pennsylvania.

Back on Feb. 28 2007, Katheryn Strang’s dog Duchess went missing from her Boca Roton, Fla. home. Strang, who’d gotten the dog in November 2005, said she thought Duchess had been stolen or even hit by a car.

According to WTAE, the 14-year-old dog was found “hungry and shivering” under a shed on Tuesday in Carnegie, Pa., 12 years after going missing. Duchess was taken in by employees at the Humane Animal Rescue’s North Side Animal Resource Center in Pittsburgh.

It remains a mystery as to how the fox terrier had made the 1,600 km trek.

Thanks to the dog’s microchip in the collar, the rescue group was able to call Duchess’ owner. The rescue group told WTAE that Strang was so excited that she immediately made plans to drive over 18 hours to Pittsburgh. She arrived Friday.

Their reunion was broadcast in a Facebook Live video. “I bet she could tell me some stories,” Strang said during their reunion. “Did you take an Uber or Lyft?”

When asked about how she’d felt since the dog went missing, Strang said, “Disbelief. It's gut-wrenching. Now I'm happy.”