TORONTO -- While bars, theatres and stages across the world have closed amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Toronto woman has found a way to bring the circus to her kitchen.

Giordana Humphries, more commonly known by her stage name Bella Magic, has been a circus entertainer for seven years. The Kitchen Cabaret is an online show Humphries hosts twice a month via livestream on Zoom. Her first performance, featuring a belly dancer, aerialist and stuntman, garnered hundreds of views.

Like many performers, Humphries has been out of work due to the ongoing pandemic. In hopes of providing a new home for those in the entertainment community, she put out a casting call on Facebook for artists across North America to showcase their talents.

She says as an entertainer, not being able to perform means losing an income and also a creative outlet for self-expression.

“I’ve been hearing a lot of that amongst other performers like missing having that connection with people, and not having that creative outlet has impacted a lot of people’s mental health,” Humphries told on Tuesday.

“It has sparked inspiration in a lot of people right now and gives them something to look forward to and I think people really need that right now,” she said.

While many of her viewers tune in for the acrobats and fire-eating magicians, Humphries’ co-host, her 97-year-old grandmother known simply as Nonna, is considered the headliner.

Humphries asked Nonna to join her show to take her grandmother’s mind off of worrying for her family back in Italy.

“It definitely lightens the mood in the house, we have family over in Italy and that’s a great deal of stress right now especially for my grandmother,” said Humphries.

“She ended up really loving it and people I think love her more than they like anything else in the show,” she said.

Humphries says she will continue to organize these livestreams and is working on creating a show that children and parents would enjoy.

“I know there’s a lot of kids struggling with anxiety as a result of the pandemic and not being able to go out and be with their friends. I do feel like this has now become something I need to keep doing to help my community and hopefully make a bunch of Canadians smile throughout all this,” said Humphries.