A Saskatchewan couple has been reunited with a long-lost wedding ring nearly four decades later.

Bill Wilson had been driving along a road in Saskatchewan in his pick-up truck when a grasshopper flew into the vehicle and landed on his chest. He told CTV Regina he grabbed the bug and tossed it out, losing his wedding ring in the process.

Wilson and his wife searched high and low but couldn’t find the piece of jewelry. They figured it was lost forever.

“It could have easily disappeared, picked up by a tire or something and that was my end of the story,” Wilson said.

Then almost 45 years later Carly Goodwin happened upon something gold and shiny embedded in the dirt.

“The first thing I thought was who’s is this? How long has it been here? I bet the person wants it back, a ring isn’t something you just throw out the window,” she told CTV Regina.

When Goodwin told her grandmother about what she found, her grandmother assumed the owner would be impossible to track down.

But in a twist of fate Goodwin’s grandmother met Wilson for coffee a few days later and told him the story of the lost ring.

The two soon realized it was actually Wilson’s long-lost wedding ring.

“I was very surprised, very grateful. I consider [my wife] to be my good luck charm,” Wilson said.

His wife was equally shocked when Wilson turned up with the wedding ring on his finger.

Like Wilson’s love, the ring has lasted through the years and now he says he’s going to hold onto it a little bit tighter.

With files from CTV Regina’s Taylor Rattray