There wasn’t any fighting or sibling rivalry in one northern Alberta household over the holidays.

In fact, it was quite the opposite.

A set of 20-month-old quadruplets spent New Year’s Day discovering the joys of hugging. If that sounds too adorable to be true, the video of the event is one to watch.

Bethani Webb, the toddlers’ mother, recorded her affectionate daughters giving each other hugs at their home in Hythe, Alta. on Jan. 1.

In the video, little Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla can be seen smiling and giggling as they take turns embracing each other over and over again during the minute-and-a-half long clip.

“That was the first time they really hugged each other for that long and I thought, ‘I have to take a video of this,’” Webb told CTV Edmonton on Friday. “I want to look back to this video when they’re not hugging each other anymore and when they’re fighting. I want to remember how cute they used to be.”

That evening, Webb uploaded the video along with the caption, “The girls love hugging each other” to a Facebook page dedicated to the quadruplets where it has since gone viral. Since it was posted on Monday, the video has received more than 43 million views and been shared nearly a million times.

With files from CTV Edmonton