The family of an American firefighter decided to commemorate their father’s life with one last laugh by penning an obituary riddled with jokes, including jabs at the looming U.S. election, his ex-girlfriends and his odd affinity for “potted meat.”

In a brief 390-word obit published in New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune, William Ziegler’s life was recounted with cheeky flare.

“William Ziegler escaped this mortal realm on Friday, July 29, 2016 at the age of 69. We think he did it on purpose to avoid having to make a decision in the pending presidential election,” the obituary begins.

“He leaves behind four children, five grand-children, and the potted meat industry, for which he was an unofficial spokesman until dietary restrictions forced him to eat real food.”

The obituary was published earlier in August and has since gained plenty of attention online, including mentions in several international publications.

It goes on to highlight aspects of Ziegler’s life. At 17, he volunteered to serve in the U.S. Navy and “immediately realized he didn’t much enjoy being bossed around,” the obit says. “He only stuck it out for one war.”

His decision to become a firefighter wasn’t exactly his own bidding, according to the piece.

“Upon his return to the City of New Orleans in 1971, thinking it best to keep an eye on him, government officials hired William as a fireman,” the obit reads.

As for Ziegler’s co-workers, the obituary says that “William stated that there was no better group of morons … than those he had the privilege of serving with (except Bob, he never liked you, Bob.)”

In lieu of a funeral service, the obituary asks well-wishers to “write a note of farewell on a Schaefer Light beer can and drink it in his honour.” For any friends whom Ziegler may owe an outstanding beer: “If you can find him in Heaven, he will gladly allow you to buy him another.”

Despite the joking attitude, the obituary ends on a lighter note – after landing one final punchline.

“Unlike previous times, this is not a ploy to avoid creditors or old girlfriends. He assures us that he is gone. He will be greatly missed.”