A report that named Toronto the best city in the world to live also found that the city's cost of living is among the worst.

The report, written by The Economist's Intelligence Unit, was issued earlier this week. It compared safety, livability, cost of living, business environment, democracy and food security in major cities around the world.

The Economist report then compared the results all of the indexes and calculated the average index ranks. Toronto came out on top in the Economist Intelligence Unit's "Index of indexes," on page 36 of a 42-page report

Though Toronto had the best average score overall, the city didn't rank first in any of the categories and came in 70th place out of 131 for worldwide cost of living.

The cost of living measurement combines housing, utility, transportation and food costs.

According to Numbeo.com, a website that compares costs of living in global cities, the average monthly cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto is $1,456.33, or $2,677 for a three-bedroom apartment. Utilities cost about $182.99 per month, the site says.

Also contributing to the cost of living in the city are transit costs and groceries. The Toronto Transit Commission charges $133.75 for a monthly transit pass, and the City of Toronto estimates that a family of four can be fed for $590.09 per month. 

The city ranked eighth in The Economist's safe cities, democracy and global food security indexes, and fourth in livability and business environment.

Earlier this month, Ontario's capital was also named the top Canadian place to visit in 2015, ahead of Revelstoke, B.C. and Auyuittuq National Park in Nunavut. Vacay.ca chose Toronto over other Canadian destinations because of its multiculturalism and major events, including the Toronto International Film Festival and the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Despite high praise from two organizations, a 2011 survey by Leger Marketing found that Toronto was also the most hated city in Canada.

Reaction to The Economist's ranking has been mixed on social media, with some people saying they're proud of Toronto, and others questioning the decision.

One person who read the article on CTVNews.ca wondered why anyone would want to live in Toronto. The person, identified as "Hobby farmer" wrote, "Who would want to live in a congested, smoggy, crime riddled place? Live in the country."

"It may well be that Toronto is still one of the two best places in the world to live, but it is on a downhill slide and its best days are over," Jurgen Braunohler wrote.

A third person, who submitted the comment under the name "not from the city," wrote: "With so many murders and shootings? I don't think so."

Others suggested Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary were better places to live in Canada.

Another wrote on CTV Toronto's Facebook page that cities in Texas, North Carolina, Colorado and California might be better choices.

On Twitter, Allie Herculson wrote, "i never shut up about how awesome Toronto is. think i'm its biggest unofficial ambassador. It truly is a city that welcomes ALL! (sic)"

Meanwhile, Desiree Morris called the city "overtaxed and overpopulated," while a man named Clive said the residents of the city were uptight and boring.

Keeziss Comegan wrote that the city was also a great place to visit.

"…unless you always cheer for the home team," Twitter user James Todd wrote.