Michelle DuBarry has been performing for as long as she can remember.

The Toronto drag queen says she has pictures of herself at nine years old wearing a strapless dress.

On Wednesday, 84-year-old DuBarry was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest drag queen performer.

"Some of the girls who are 84 tend to be a little forgotten. Well I'm not going to be forgotten," DuBarry, who's the alter ego of Russell Alldread, told reporters during a ceremony on Wednesday evening.

Wearing a sparkly purple evening gown and sporting bright red lips, DuBarry said she's "goddamn proud" to be granted the title.

DuBarry began dressing in women's clothing as a child and started performing as a drag queen in the 1960s.

She recalled attending a high school dance with another male, and they both wore women's clothing.

"Gay wasn't a word back then," DuBarry said, noting that in the '50s, names like "queer" or "sissy" were commonly used.

Over her career, DuBarry has been given the Inspire Awards lifetime achievement award and served as the Toronto Pride Grand Marshall in 2007.