TORONTO -- After a whirlwind week of international fame, a cat renowned for its bad behaviour and general buffoonery has found a new family.

The Mitchell County Animal Rescue shelter says applications to adopt Perdita flooded in after an advertisement billing her as the "world's worst cat" went viral.

Perdita's behaviour was so concerning to staff at the shelter in Spruce Pine, N.C. that they initially believed she was sick, before later realizing that she was, as they put it, "just a jerk." Attributes that led them to this conclusion included her dislike of kittens, children and hugs.

The 175 applications were whittled down to a shortlist of 10, all of which underwent a screening process that included interviews, reference checks and meetings with the famous feline.

The successful owners have not been identified beyond that they live in Tennessee, but the shelter said in a Facebook post that their introduction to Perdita "included minimal growling and very little slapping." What growling and slapping there was came from the cat and not any of the humans in the room, they added.

"We feel confidant (sp) in the decision and feel that the couple's quiet lifestyle, vast cat-experience, patience and cat appropriate house will lead to a successful transition for Perdita," the shelter wrote.

Perdita will leave the shelter and embark on the next chapter of her ill-tempered life on Saturday.