A Department of Defence employee may not be losing sleep over how exactly the caramel got into the Caramilk bar. But when it comes to the sweet snack's description, that individual seems to be a tad perfectionist.

The Wikipedia page for Cadbury Caramilk was briefly revised to describe the confection as a “candy bar”, not a “chocolate bar.” The wording "chocolate exterior" was also changed to "chocolate flavoured."

The Twitter account “Gov. of Canada edits” tracks and tweets every anonymous Wikipedia edit made from Canadian government IP addresses. The account shows that, on Feb. 23, an edit of the Cadbury Caramilk Wikipedia page was made from a Department of Defence IP address.


The editor commented on the revision, too, writing: "The Caramilk bar does not meet the legal definition of a chocolate bar in Canada due to the use of vegetable oils in production."

Canada's Food and Drug Regulation specifies that chocolate refers to products derived from one or more cocoa products, and the cocoa cannot be replaced by cheaper ingredients such as vegetable or palm oil.

In Canada, the Caramilk bar ingredients include vegetable oil. 

Furthermore, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, only solid chocolate can be labelled a "chocolate bar", while candy bars coated with chocolate should be called "chocolate coated candies" or "chocolate coated bars."

However, it looks like the DND employee's changes didn't last long.

The Cadbury Caramilk Wikipedia page was revised on Thursday, and Caramilk is once again classified as a chocolate bar.