To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Pyramid at the Louvre, the museum is collaborating with the reservation platform to offer unique experiences.

This summer, Airbnb will be holding five concerts at the café Richelieu, which offers a fantastic view over the Pyramid.

French singer-songwriter Clara Luciani, who launched the series on Friday, has also chosen the artists participating in the project. Among them are Pomme, Voyou, Ala.Ni, Johan Papaconstantino and Theo Lawrence.

The concerts, taking place between June 7 and September 13, will welcome up to 50 people. Tickets, which retail at €20 on Airbnb, will also include free admission to the museum. Proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Research Foundation.

In addition to the concerts, Airbnb will also offer private guided tours of the Louvre this fall. The visits, held in French and in English, will take place twice a day on certain Tuesdays -- when the museum is usually closed to the public. Tickets, which retail at €30, will go on sale on Airbnb from May 20.

The initiative, which aims to help visitors rediscover the Louvre in "a more authentic and intimate way," is part of Airbnb Experiences -- which the company launched in 2016. According to a recent report, the platform sold nearly seven times as many experiences in 2018 as it did in the previous year.

The Louvre welcomed more than 10 million visitors last year -- retaining its title as the most popular art museum in the world.