Would you use a cheese-scented shampoo from your favorite bagel joint? Or essential oils that make you smell like a pretzel? It might sound wacky, but multiple fast food brands have been edging their way into the beauty game recently: here are three products to look out for this spring.

Cheese and bacon haircare

Last month, bagel restaurant Einstein Bros. Bagels launched a limited-edition "Cheesy Shampoo" and "Wakin' Bacon Conditioner" series to celebrate the release of its "Cheesy Wakin' Bacon" sandwich. The scented haircare products were designed to keep bagel fans smelling edible all day long, with Kerry Coyne, Einstein Bros. Bagels SVP of Marketing, Product, and Innovation, calling the concept "the ultimate breakfast apéritif."

Pretzel essential oils

Global Pretzel franchise Auntie Anne's is also hopping on the beauty bandwagon, with the launch of its "House of A" Heavenly Scent Essential Pretzel Oils. The restaurant chain has bottled its buttery scents via a trio of oils named "Freshly Baked," "Salty", and "Cinnamon Twist" -- all of which are 100% pure therapeutic grade and contain no fillers, synthetics or additives. "We always want to give our fans what they want, and given how trendy essential oils are right now, we thought there was no better way to satisfy the pretzel-loving public than with products modeled after our signature offerings," said Auntie Anne's president Heather Neary.

Pizza lipstick

If pizza is your fast food of choice, then look no further than the U.S. chain restaurant Villa Italian Kitchen. The brand recently announced that it is launching a limited-edition lipstick in honor of National Kissing Day on April 13, infused with the scent and flavor of its pepperoni pizza but, we're assuming, without the calories.