Nakefit, a line of adhesive pads that stick onto the soles of feet, has been funded on Kickstarter and the first pairs are slated to arrive in time for summer fun.

If the campaign images are to be believed, Nakefit looks to blend the protection of shoes with the ease of going barefoot and could be the perfect solution for those who find flip-flops too floppy or sport sandals too bulky.

The waterproof Nakefit soles can be stuck onto bare feet, offering some protection from cutting and resistance to pavement while also protecting from hot sand and creating an anti-slip surface for wearing poolside.

The Italian company behind the product says 1,000 pairs of Nakefit have already been produced after a year of work to create the product.

On Kickstarter, the company has made more than four times its original funding goal of €20,000 with 23 days to go and is aiming to send out the first pairs of Nakefit in July to those who pledge €30 or more. At the starting price, backers will receive 10 pairs of men's, women's or kid-sized soles. A family pack is available for pledges of €90 and includes 10 each for mom, dad and child.

Find Nakefit on Kickstarter here.