Photos of avocado dessert drinks from Starbucks have been making the rounds on Instagram lately, after launching in stores across South Korea last week.

Called Avocado Blended, the green drink is a revamped recipe from a similar product which was launched three years ago by Starbucks Korea and features an Instagram-friendly avocado pit -- an edible chocolate topper.

The appetite for avocado-everything shows no sign of slowing among Instagram-happy millennials.

Last year, the internet began seeing "avolattes" in which hipster baristas were pouring lattes in emptied avocado shells. The concept had begun as a joke, when a Melbourne barista in Australia created the avocado/ latte mashup in response to comments made about excessive Millennial spending habits on US$4 specialty coffees and $19 avocado toasts.

But the irony was lost on some baristas and consumers, some of whom recreated the drink in earnest.

Meanwhile, the avocado's popularity now also comes with a health warning. Last year, the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons voiced their concern about the increasing number of "avocado hand" incidents, in which patients slice open their hand while trying to de-pit the avocado halves.