A Saskatoon woman’s Barbie doll collection grew so big that she needed to add a second floor to her home just to house them all.

Andrea Katelnikoff, 66, began collecting the plastic dolls in her 30s. She now owns more than 3,000, mostly in original packaging.

There are Barbies from the movie “Grease,” the TV show “I Dream of Jeannie,” and one riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The most expensive one cost her around $2,500.

Ten years ago, Katelnikoff had filled both of the spare bedrooms in her bungalow with the dolls.

“My husband said we either have to add on, move, or quit buying Barbies,” she told CTV Saskatoon. “So we added on.”

The second floor has three bedrooms and a bathroom just for the dolls.

Katelnikoff said she enjoys just being around her collection.

“When you’re up here you forget your problems,” she said.