A small community in Saskatchewan has a unique way to raise money for the local fire department: the “frozen tongue challenge.”

Jeff Siegfried, the sales manager of a car dealership in Watrous, Sask., came up with the idea to compete in a fundraising battle against the deputy fire chief Andrew Matheson, with the loser being forced to lick a frozen pole as punishment.

Together they raised $17,779.61 for the volunteer fire department, with Siegfried losing the challenge by about $450.

Video of the payout shows the pair revealing their fundraising totals, with the sales manager then completing the bet with a lick on a pole for the dealership’s road sign.

Licking a metal object during the winter months is obviously dangerous and should be avoided.

In the event someone is stuck to a frozen metal object, the Canadian Red Cross advises pouring warm water over the object and skin to release the person.

Any areas with torn-off skin should be treated like an open wound.