When it comes to showing off a four-legged friend, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is about as big as it gets. It’s basically Oscar night for man’s best friend.

This year, a 6-year-old Canadian pup named Baylee will be judged against some of the toughest canine competition from around the world.

Baylee and his owner/handler Jay Sobel joined CTV News Channel on Saturday. Sobel says Baylee has all the finest qualities of the Brittany breed and a good chance at licking the competition.

“He is a very strong moving dog. He really loves to be at the show, so he does move with a lot of energy,” he said.

The Westminster Kennel Club dates back to 1877. The dog show is the second longest-running sporting event in the United States, after the Kentucky Derby. This year’s competition runs between Feb. 11 and Feb. 14. More than 2,500 dogs from around the world are expected to compete across several events.

Sobel says Baylee already beat out the rest of his breed in events here at home. But in order to qualify for Westminster, he had to place ahead of 49 other American male Britannys at a dog show in Fort Smith, Ark. last November.

“Bailee is a true Brittany in that he is a very instinctive hunting dog,” said Sobel. “He understands that he is there to perform and work.”

Sobel says he has been showing Baylee for the past four years, prepping him for competition with six-and-a-half kilometre runs every morning.

While the judges will be evaluating how he conforms to rigid breed standards for structure, musculature, and size, Sobel believes Baylee’s Canadian charm could see him named top dog.

“He understands that he is there to perform,” said Sobel. “If there were two equal dogs, a judge would probably prefer to take the dog that looks like he is enjoying himself.”