After taco shells, chicken wings, and even soft drinks, operation Dorito-fication -- in which foods are being injected, infused and encrusted with Doritos nacho chips -- has spread to Australia, where Pizza Hut launched the Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza.

It’s the latest application of Doritos corn chips: Pizza Hut’s signature mozzarella-stuffed crust is layered with crunchy Doritos nachos chips, and sprinkled with cheddar cheese around the edges.

The result? A cheesy, crunchy, possibly confusing, mouthful.

Adding bits of nacho-flavoured chips to pizza, however, seems natural compared to its most recent mash-up application that raised eyebrows and had tongues wagging: Mountain Dew’s Doritos-flavoured fizzy drink, ‘Dewitos,' which is currently being tested in select US markets.

Parent company PepsiCo has also struck a deal with U.S. restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings, which will be adding Doritos-inspired dishes to menus. Think Doritos-encrusted wings and chicken tenders.

Operation Dorito-fication America has been in high gear ever since the frenetic hype that came with the creation of Taco Bell’s Doritos Tacos Locos, in which taco shells were made with the spicy corn chips.

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