As the snow begins to melt across the country, the inevitable eyesores that are potholes are sure to start showing up.

So before city workers fill the potholes in, a Quebec boutique store has decided to crack its customers up with hilarious doctored photos of its own temporary stopgap measures.

These include the late great David Bowie rocking a guitar, a trio of children, a wooden shark named “Monty” and, of course, three dogs rafting inside of a doggy bed.

Since Sunday, the photos have graced the Facebook page of the End of the Line Boutique in Wakefield, Que. in a collection entitled: “The Pothole Series” along with the caption, “trying to have a laugh at the state of our streets this year!”

The potholes appear to be just down the street from the Quebec store and owner Wendy Stephens’ photos appear to have resonated with customers.

One person commented, “this is a lot funnier than the potholes themselves,” while another wrote “sad but hilarious.” Another commenter appeared to be from Washington, D.C. writing, “outstanding. Gotta share. We’ve got some beauties too down here in DC.”