TORONTO -- The pandemic has been a transformational force in our world, with many people using lockdown to focus on personal goals, be it reorganizing a messy closet or getting back into baking.

For Rohit Roy from Melbourne, Australia, he decided to use this time to finally kick his addiction to pop, something his doctor had been urging him to do for a while. So last month, Roy shared a video on TikTok in which he vowed to abstain from “fizzy drinks” six days per week, with a celebratory soft drink on Sundays.

“I know this is fun platform, but I’m just trying to get some help, so thank you for your support in advance,” Roy said in his first video, posted June 7.

While Roy anticipated some support, he says he could never have predicted what came next. His daily “fizzy drinks” accountability videos have racked up millions of views over the past month, making him one of the social media platform’s fastest-rising stars.

“I was expecting that some people would support me, but I consider myself really lucky that so many people are supporting me, and they are making my journey very easy now,” Roy told CTV News Channel in an interview on Friday.

It’s been more than 50 days since Roy last sipped a carbonated beverage. In that time, he’s posted regular updates for his 230,000 followers.

The reason for Roy’s sudden rise to stardom may be hard to understand. Most TikTok stars gather their followings through parody accounts, humour or viral dance routines.

But Roy’s videos are different. He shoots them himself and delivers them with a friendly, straightforward candour. For instance, to celebrate his 50th day without fizzy drinks, Roy showed off a photograph of him and his wife on their wedding day.

“I used to look like that, but I’m trying to get more healthier and fitter now with the help of you all,” he said.


Day 50: No Fizzy Drinks ��‍❤️‍��

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Roy says he thinks the thing that sets his video apart is his honesty

“People feel inspired because I try to be honest with them. I don’t drink off camera and then come on and say I drink. So I try to be honest and accountable with everyone,” he told CTV News Channel.

Other TikTok users have responded to Roy’s videos with tributes of their own, with many opening their fridges to opt for water rather than soda. Some users have dubbed him “King Rohit” and “the CEO of no fizzy drinks.”

These days, Roy has swapped out fizzy drinks for beverages like water, juice and lemonade, and he's felt so motivated that he decided to skip the Sunday soft drink.

Roy says he’s delighted by all the attention, and he hopes his perseverance can inspire others to make a change in their lives.

“They have to believe in themselves and start their own journey. We all are more stronger than we think. So it’s just a matter of starting … the earlier you start, the better it is.”