Instagram's most famous napping duo has become a trio.

Photos of Beau, a toddler, and his dog Theo, went viral in November 2013 when Beau’s mother Jessica Shyba shared them on her blog and Instagram account.


Weekends always seem to interfere with naptime. Back to the routine, happily. #theoandbeau

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On her blog, the mother describes Theo and Beau’s daily naps as "a sacred ritual."

The adorable cuddle buddies have inspired their own hashtag, #theoandbeau, a book, Naptime with Theo and Beau, and attracted almost half a million followers to Shyba’s instagram account.

And now, there is a new addition to the daily routine. In September, the family welcomed baby Evangeline, or, Evvie.


The puppy is the happiest of all in this scenario. #theoandbeau #theoandevvie #napwizard

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Theo and Beau soon made room for Evvie to cuddle up and join in naptime.

In the last week, Shyba writes, "they’ve really seemed to find their groove … And by 'finding their groove,' I mean happily snoozing all tucked together for at least an hour at a time."


Victory is Sweet #theoandbeau #theoandevvie #ridiculous #triplenap

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The family that naps together... #theoandbeau #theoandevvie #napwizard

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Choosing to exist in the peace they bring (and trying not to hope for this trifecta each day!) #theondbeau #theoandevvie

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While Shyba says she is unsure how long the siblings and dog will continue the routine, for now, the three sleep best when they are together.

“I’m trying not to get my hopes up that this magical nap time trifecta is a habit that will last,” she wrote. “But each day this happens—with or without Evvie—I’m ever in awe of their sweet slumber.”


They played dress up with big sis all morning #theoandbeau #aftermath

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