There's wasn't a dry eye at a New Brunswick retirement residence after nine women were treated to early Mother's Day surprise visits from their family, some of whom travelled from as far as the Yukon.

The reunions were orchestrated by Enbridge Gas. The company captured the tear-filled gatherings in a video that’s been making the rounds online, amassing more than 10,000 views since it was posted on May 2.

Nine women at Moncton Residence Retirement Community were told that a crew was filming a documentary about motherhood.

Most of the women revealed that they wished they could see their children and grandchildren more often.

"My kids are perfect company. When they come I'm just mesmerized by them," said one woman, who said her eight children are scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada.  

"I don't take them coming and going very easily," she added. "I always dreamed they'd all live on my street."  

The women said they were a little suspicious when a camera crew entered the residence.

"Nobody would tell us anything," Eleanor Ferguson told CTV Atlantic. "We thought at least we might have a dinner out of this."

Many of the women were speechless when the surprise visitors entered the dining room.

June LeBlanc said the reunion was the first time she had seen one of her sons in five years.

“It was fantastic because he can’t afford to come down and I can’t afford to go up,” she said.

Melanie Pinet, an assistant manager at the residence, said she's happy Enbridge was able to make the women feel special for a day.

"You don’t need to have big trips or big gifts," she said. "Just a call is big."

With a report from CTV Atlantic