TORONTO -- The Mackage brand was born in Montreal, but the label's designers channel style inspirations which transcend borders.

"All of our travels just influence us so much," said Elisa Dahan, alongside fellow co-creative director Eran Elfassy.

"We go to Paris and it's minimalist, and then you go to Tokyo and it's over the top. So, I think it's finding the little elements and putting it together."

The concept of a thriving metropolis served as a prime source of inspiration for Mackage's spring-summer collection of apparel and handbags unveiled at Toronto's World MasterCard Fashion Week on Wednesday.

The new line was enlivened by a palette of bright shades of pink, yellow and blue. The label well-known for its outerwear had a comprehensive collection of fresh styles including hooded bombers, biker and moto jackets, as well as trenches adorned with leather detailing.

Leather featured prominently for both men and women, with vests, fringe skirts and jogger-style pants swathed in the slick fabric -- a decided contrast from the airy chiffon tunics and nylon garments in the line.

"We always love to mix textures and contrast. I think that's what we're known for," said Dahan. "We love to play with fabrics that you wouldn't expect to pair together."

Perforated, laser cut and mesh detailing was a prominent and eye-catching style feature on tees, tops and wrap skirts. "Basically, that's the way for us that you can layer and make it breathable and easy and light for spring and summer," said Elfassy.