An impressive display of kiddie wrangling is getting plenty of traction online.

The Cambridge, Ont., parents of 8-month-old triplets and a toddler recently posted a video online of a nightly ritual in their household – getting their four kids ready for bed.

The video shows babies Olivia, Levi and Jackson rolling around the bed while two-year-old Emily hops around them.

Corrie-Lynn Whyte said the entire process took about six-and-half-minutes.

"The hardest part was making sure they don't fall off the bed," Whyte told CTV News Channel on Monday.

Whyte's partner Dan Gibson posted the video to Facebook on Thursday, and it has since amassed more than 54 million views.

"It's been a surreal experience, and we've been loving every minute of it," Gibson said.

He said when Whyte first told him about the triplets, he feared never being able to sleep again.

But Gibson admitted raising four youngsters is easier than he imagined it would be.

"We've been very blessed with these babies,” he said. “They are so happy and easy to deal with, it makes parenting a lot of fun.”

The kids have helped the couple appreciate the "smaller things in life," Gibson said.

Since posting the video, Gibson said the couple has received calls and messages from all over the world. Many of the messages call Whyte a "supermom."

Asked how she feels about the moniker, Whyte said: "When you're put in a situation you just do what you have to do."

She said the video was just for fun.

"I just want to make sure that every mom knows that they're a supermom too."

With a report from CTV News' Marc Venema