Actress Melissa McCarthy made headlines this week after telling reporters on the Red Carpet that she was using CBD oil between her toes to relieve those high-heel woes.

With marijuana’s legalization in Canada last year, cannabis beauty products are a relatively unexplored frontier.

But in Hollywood, they’re old hat, with several actresses going on the record extolling the virtues of CBD oil to deal with the pain of wearing high-heeled shoes.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the trick has been a favourite of celebrity stylists for years, who have turned their clients to luxury CBD brands.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating cannaboid found in cannabis and hemp.

CBD has risen to popularity as an alternative to traditional pain relief medications, with a 2018 study from McGill University finding that CBD relieved pain in test subjects suffering from chronic pain.

But podiatrists aren’t convinced that the oil is the solution to foot pain.

“It’s great if that’s her solution to wearing high-heel shoes,” podiatrist Dr. Marc Lindy told in an interview. “But I sure couldn’t look the high-heel wearing public in the eye and say ‘I’d go out and follow that advice.’”

“It’s purely an anecdotal statement.”

Lindy says that while there is no reason to discount that CBD works for stars like McCarthy, it may not be effective for everyone – especially for a topical treatment.

“There’s very few things that have really been that effective for topical pain relief. And even the ones that are supposed to make sense…they don’t work for everybody.”