Beer chipotle? Canadian maple? Curry Dijon? An enterprising young chef from Manitoba is making waves in the kitchen with her must-have mustards.

Carly Minish, a 25-year-old chef from the small town Swan River, Man., is selling her gourmet mustards across the country after her recipes proved to be a succulent success.

“We craft mustards that are a little bit different than the mustards you are used to, with different textures, different flavours,” Minish says.

Minish, who once worked in the restaurant industry, started out by making artisanal mustards for her friends.

Two years ago, she launched her own gourmet condiment company called Smak Dab, infusing quintessentially Canadian flavours like maple and beer into the common canary-coloured condiment.

“I thought, why don’t I take some of those local ingredients and incorporate them in some great gourmet mustards?” Minish told CTV News.

The mustards are made in small batches in Swan River, a small town located near the Saskatchewan border. Minish grew up there in a family of farmers and foodies.

And she’s keeping the family in the business. You can find Minish’s 85-year-old grandfather on the assembly line at Smak Dab.

“I love that we are growing this as a family,” Minish said. “I’m very grateful that they get to be involved. I wouldn’t be able to be anywhere if it weren’t for them.”

With a report from CTV News’ Jill Macyshon