Nine-year-old photographer Regina Wyllie is already fielding requests from brides and grooms who are interested in booking the youngster to document their wedding.

While she may seem a bit young to take on the responsibility of capturing a couple's big day, Regina already has about six years of experience under her belt.

Her first experience behind the lens took place at age three when Regina accompanied her dad to a photoshoot of a mountain bike race, with a plastic, toy camera in tow.

"While I was shooting, she went into one of my camera bags and pulled out a small, compact camera and starting taking some shots," Regina's dad Kevin Wyllie told CTV News Channel on Thursday from the family's home in Scotland.

He said that Regina's interest in the field only kept growing after that first photography experience.

"She'd take that small camera out, and ask, 'Will you show me how to use it properly dad?,'" Wyllie said. "Over the years…she'd ask me more and more questions, and ask to come out shooting with me."

Indeed, it’s clear that young Regina is quite comfortable behind the lens.

"My dad has taught me how to change the aperture light, and the triangle thing," she said, before her dad clarified: "the exposure triangle." 

But it wasn't until assisting her dad on a recent wedding shoot that the youngster's talent began to garner some outside attention.

Regina was asked to take some candid shots while her dad took care of the more formal photographs and group shots.

The youngster's photos not only impressed the bride and groom but she's now receiving inquiries from other couples who will soon be tying the knot.

She's booked for another wedding on July 1. 

All photo below were captured by Regina Wyllie. (KSG Photography)                         




While even the most experienced photographer may feel some pressure capturing a couple's big day, Regina seems to work well under pressure.

"I wasn't scared," she said. Although, she admitted that being on her feet all day was "a little bit difficult."

Her father, meanwhile, says he couldn't be more proud of his young protégé.

"Whether she chooses to go down the professional route in the years to come, or whether she stays just as an amateur, it's something I see that makes her really, really happy. And that, ultimately, as a father is going to make me happy."