With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex expected to welcome their first child next month, speculation about the baby’s name is at a fever pitch with at least one genealogy company claiming to have come up with the top contenders.

The online genealogy company Ancestry has released its top three name predictions for if the infant is a girl and another three if the child is a boy.

The company said its genealogy historians and experts combed through “historical records” and “naming traditions” to determine the most likely names for the little royal.

If the baby is a girl:

Lily – Ancestry said Prince Harry and Meghan might select the name Lily in honour of the Queen. The company said the name would be a spin on the monarch’s nickname “Lilibet.”

Ruth – Another strong contender, according to Ancestry, is the name Ruth. Both Prince Harry and Meghan have great-grandmothers named Ruth so the company said this could be an option.

Matilda – The genealogists proposed Matilda as another possibility because it’s a historically popular name with the Royal Family.

If the baby is a boy:

Charles – This is a fairly obvious choice by Ancestry’s historians who said Charles might be a good choice given the couple’s close relationship with Prince Harry’s father Prince Charles.

Philip – Although Philip was a more popular choice for the baby’s middle name, experts also selected it as a possibility for the baby’s first name. Ancestry said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “worked very hard” to win over Prince Harry’s grandfather and they are expected to honour him in some way.

Alexander – Ancestry said Alexander was included in the list because of the name’s popularity throughout history. The company called Alexander a “classic royal name” much like Henry, Prince’s Harry’s real name. The name also has a “relatable, more relaxed nickname,” according to the experts.

The baby’s full name:

In addition to predicting the Royal Baby’s first names, the genealogy company suggested several middle names for the child.

If the baby is a girl, Ancestry suggested Louis, Diana, and Ann as possible middle names. For a boy, the company said Philip, Alvin, and Thomas might be good picks.

As for the baby’s name in its entirety, the experts’ most popular choice for a girl was Lily Janette Windsor followed by Ruth Ann Windsor.

If the baby is a boy, Ancestry proposed Charles Alvin followed by Charles Philip Spencer as likely options for the child’s full name.