TORONTO – The time honoured tradition of last-minute Halloween costumes continues to make waves on the Internet, as people flock to sites like Twitter an Instagram to show off their last-ditch efforts.

CTV’s Your Morning showcased some ideas for Halloween 2019:


A simple addition of a loaf of bread and medals you can get from the dollar store completes this look.

halloween 2019

Holy guacamole:

If you happen to have a spare set of wings and a halo sitting around, wearing a green outfit can suddenly propel you into pun stardom.

holy guacamole

50 Shades of grey:

Paint chips and a hot glue gun are the only materials you will need for this one.

50 shades of grey costume

Pumpkin “pi”:

A marker, an orange shirt and a toque are all you need for the mathlete inside you.

pumpkin "pi"

Chip on your shoulder:

Accordion-folded yellow paper and a clothespin are an easy and quick option to throw on when you’re running out the door.

chip on your shoulder halloween

Japan’s “simple” costume tradition:

Every year on Halloween, Japanese people take part in “simple” or mundane costume competitions, dressing up to evoke everyday occurrences instead of spooky figures, using the hash tag #simplehalloween [translated] to show off their creativity on Twitter.

Check out these other ideas: