In an ideal scenario, Canadians would choose to become engaged to Ryan Gosling or Shania Twain, against the breathtaking setting that is Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

At least, that’s according to a survey conducted ahead of Valentine’s Day, that polled Canadians on their favorite Canadian cities, most romantic destinations and ideal dates.

When asked to name the one Canadian city they’d choose to spend to live out their lives, Vancouver was the most popular answer taking 35 per cent of the votes, followed by Toronto (24 per cent) and Montreal (17 per cent).

Were they able to choose the setting for the most romantic day of their lives -- the proposal -- Lake Louise in Banff National Park was the most popular choice among respondents (40 per cent), followed by the Old Port in Montreal (18 per cent) and the Toronto skyline in the background (16 per cent).

For couples, the most popular way to spend Valentine’s Day this year will be to enjoy a home-cooked meal at home, preferably an Albertan AAA steak, which emerged the favorite dish of choice, over salmon and lobster.

Singletons said their ideal Valentine’s Day would be spent on a warm beach in Mexico.

As for the sexiest Canadian celebrities, Ryan Gosling ranked first, followed by Ryan Reynolds in the category of male stars, while Shania Twain emerged the sexiest female star followed by Rachel McAdams.