We have seen some quirky beauty concepts emerge in 2017, such as the craze for matching manicures to everyday objects, and the ongoing infatuation with all things unicorn-themed. But a new trend that combines both of these things is now going viral on Instagram and it's called ‘LaCroix hair.'

The soda water brand, famous for its multicolored candy-hued packaging, is inspiring a whole new online hair movement, PopSugar reports. The concept appears to have been dreamed up by the brand Scruples Hair Care, which collaborated with multiple stylists to provide various hues. The stylists then dyed their hair to match the can of their favorite flavor of the drink.

Instagram posts from the stylists involved include teal, pink and purple waves inspired by ‘Berry' LaCroix, an ice blonde, hot pink and orange look inspired by the ‘Pamplemousse' flavor, and a fiery mix of peach and red hues channelling the brand's ‘Grapefruit and Cantaloupe' edition, amongst others. Collectively, the looks have been liked and shared thousands of times.

LaCroix hair is in many ways a natural progression of the ‘rainbow hair' trend that has been reinventing itself constantly since it first hit the beauty scene a few years ago. This summer saw bright neon hues take center stage, with stars such as Alicia Keys and Bella Thorne championing the look. Meanwhile, the trend for ‘Unicorn Beauty' reached fever pitch earlier this year, putting candy-colored hairstyles firmly on trend, with Korean-American model and streetwear star Irene Kim leading the way with her signature multicolored bob.