TORONTO -- A couple in New Brunswick have one man to thank after he stumbled upon a wedding ring they had lost more than 60 years ago.

Robert Babin was recently working in the garden next to his home in Rosaireville, N.B. when he says a wedding ring just popped out of the ground in front of him after pulling out a weed.

He then polished the ring off and brought it to a community club event to ask if anyone knew who it might belong to. Coincidentally, the original owners of the ring -- Lorenzo and Theresa Doiron -- happened to be at the meeting.

"I asked her, I said: 'I found a ring' and she said: 'That's my husband’s ring,'" Babin told CTV News Atlantic.

Turns out, the Doirons used to live at Babin’s residence and one day Lorenzo was working in a barn that once stood where Babin’s garden is today when the ring flew off his hand.

"Back in those days we were feeding the animals,” Lorenzo said. “I went up the hay loft and I was throwing hay down, and all of a sudden I seen my ring fly through the hay."

The couple searched high and low for the ring to no avail. Eventually, the barn burned down and all hope of one day finding it had been lost.

"A part of me was gone and I got it back," Lorenzo said. "I can’t thank (Babin) enough…for giving it back to me."

Now 62 years later, Theresa is in awe that her husband’s wedding ring is back on his finger.

"I was amazed,” she said. “I thought it was a miracle. He performed a miracle."

With a report from CTV News Atlantic's Kate Walker