In yet another sign that the Japanese have much to teach us about basic life skills, a viral video from a department store shows you how to wrap a present in 12 seconds flat -- just in time for the holidays.

Although it was only posted on Tuesday, the video has already been viewed more than 1.9 million times on YouTube and received more than 2,700 "likes."

The gift-wrapping technique comes courtesy of Japanese lifestyle store Takashimaya, and shows how to wrap a box that would contain a typical Christmas gift such as a pair of gloves or a scarf.

While some commenters appreciated the advice, others noted that the gift-wrapper had certain advantages like a perfectly rectangle box and pre-cut paper.

The video comes about a month after a Japanese organizing consultant became a worldwide sensation with her advice for de-cluttering your home and transforming your life.

Her advice included discarding items that don't bring you joy, and a nine-step shirt-folding technique to reduce your tops to compact squares.