The opening of the new Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, a trip to one of the most remote islands in the world, and a hike up Nicaragua's tallest active volcano have been named as some of the best new openings and travel experiences to mark 2016 by editors at Lonely Planet.

In their second annual New in Travel list for 2016, LP has identified 31 of the hottest experiences in travel for intrepid globe-trotters looking for their next great adventure this year.

Topping their list is the San Cristobal Volcano, the tallest in Nicaragua at 1,745 m, which recently opened the Center for Extreme Tourism, Chinandega, a new ecotourism facility that includes an inn, dining hall and visitor services.

Thrill-seekers can climb the trails leading up to the rim of the volcano, which is among the most active in the country.

Travelers eyeing a trip to Japan may also want to add a trip to Hokkaido to their itinerary, now that the country's northernmost island will become more accessible, points out LP.

Beginning this spring, the country will open a new high-speed bullet train route connecting the mainland to Hokkaido, known as a ski destination in winter, but also popular for its hiking, hot springs and seafood offerings.

Running 13 times a day, trips will take about four hours.

Attractions and destinations included on the list have either recently opened or are due to open this year and represent the latest, most cutting-edge experiences of 2016 for ambitious travelers who like to "stay ahead of the curve."

Other notable experiences that made the list include a visit to one of the most remote islands in the world, St Helena located in the South Atlantic, set to open a new airport this year and cut down what's normally a five-day trip to five hours; and the long-awaited opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Here are the top 10 hottest new travel experiences of 2016, according to Lonely Planet:

1. Nicaragua: Climb Nicaragua's tallest active volcano - Center for Extreme Tourism, Chinandega - October 2015

2. Japan: Zoom along northern Japan's new bullet train route - Hokkaidō Shinkansen, Spring 2016

3. Rwanda: Spot newly introduced lions in the Akagera National Park, Early 2016

4. St Helena, British Territories: Be among the first to fly to St Helena, Mid-2016

5. United Arab Emirates: Be awed by the brand-new Louvre Abu Dhabi, 2016

6. Italy: Walk on water at The Floating Piers art installation on Lake Iseo, June 2016

7. Panama: Experience an even bigger Panama Canal with a $5 billion expansion, April 2016

8. Australia: Glow among desert flowers in Australia's spiritual heart at the Field of Light installation in Uluru - April 1 2016, March 31 2017

9. USA: Scamper around the world's first Dr Seuss Museum in Springfield, Massachusetts, June 2016

10. Indonesia: Luxuriate on Gili Meno's island retreat, BASK

The full list can be downloaded as a free ebook.