A Newfoundland teenager has managed to get all the way from kindergarten to high school graduation without missing a single day.

Trent O’Brien, 17, says he was in seventh or eighth grade when school officials pointed out that he had a perfect attendance record.

“So, if I didn’t have to miss school, obviously I wasn’t gonna,” the new graduate from Cape Broyle told CTV News Channel on Friday.

So, how did O’Brien manage to get through 2,340 days of class without a single absence?

“I’m just lucky I guess,” he said. “I got sick on the weekends and I just never hated going to school.”

Last week, O’Brien’s classmates celebrated his achievement with a surprise motorcade through town.

They picked him up in a Ford Mustang convertible and presented him with a plaque and a cake.

“All the people from the school were on the school bus and they had all the people from my community and ... a police escort ... there was drones and everything,” he said.

O’Brien is planning to study science at Memorial University in St. John’s this fall. He doesn’t plan to skip there either.

“I think it’s always good to go to school,” he said. “You won’t get behind.”