It’s just over 40 years old, but a Calgary home could soon be designated a heritage property -- if the owner gets her way.

Gail Anderson bought a property near the city centre in 1974 and began building what Calgary heritage planner Clint Robertson calls the city’s “pre-eminent” example of west coast modern architecture.

“I don't know what it is, but something about this house appeals to everybody,” Anderson told CTV Alberta Bureau Chief Janet Dirks, while showing her the home’s plant-filled atrium.

Calgary home

Anderson said she’s not concerned that the possible extra costs associated with a heritage designation might deter future buyers; her priority is to see it maintained.

“If I ended up in a nursing home and I found out that the person who bought it or subsequent person who bought it just bulldozed it, I'd be very upset,” she said.

Anderson hopes the city approves her request, and that more people in her young city try to save their homes from wrecking balls.

Anderson said she finds it “very upsetting to walk up a street and suddenly a beautiful old house is gone.”

Calgary home