We are more aware than ever of the damaging consequences that sitting at a desk all day can have on your health.

Which is perhaps why U.S. artist Robb Godshaw decided to invent the "Hamster Wheel Standing Desk", featuring, literally, a wooden hamster wheel for humans.

The plywood creation is 80 inches in diameter and rests on a 24-inch wide base which features four skateboard wheels for portability, held together by two pipes. No axle is required for the wheel.

The tongue-in-cheek conceptual project, a collaboration at San Francisco-based studio Pier 9 between Godshaw and Instructables Developer Will Doenlen, provides users with instructions as to how to create their own hamster wheel desk.

Standing desks have become something of a trend recently -- earlier this year "StandDesk" became an instant online hit and was funded by Kickstarter users in just 38 minutes.

The "Stir Kinetic", dubbed the "Rolls Royce" of standing desks, was also launched late last year.