TORONTO - Although it may resemble a Fruit Gushers candy with its squishy, capsule shape, the latest innovation from one of the biggest whisky producers in the world is definitely not for children.

The Glenlivet’s new “Capsule Collection” gives Scotch whisky lovers the opportunity to enjoy their drink without the glass with small edible pods filled with booze.

“No ice. No stirrer. No glass. We’re redefining how whisky can be enjoyed,” the Scottish distillery tweeted on Wednesday.

Each capsule contains 23 millilitres of single malt whisky and is housed in a “super-sustainable seaweed-extract casing,” according to a press release. The packaging was produced by the start-up company Notpla.

“To enjoy them, pop the capsule in your mouth, take a bite to release the delicious cocktail ingredients,” a promotional video explains.

The Glenlivet developed the limited-edition capsules in partnership with the London, England bar Tayer + Elementary. Alex Kratena, the bar’s owner, created three original cocktail recipes for the collection, which was recently unveiled during London Cocktail Week.

The whisky-filled capsules are only available as an “amuse-bouche” at Tayer + Elementary bar during the London Cocktail Week, which runs through Oct. 13. It’s unclear if The Glenlivet is planning to add the cocktail capsules to their permanent offerings.