CJ. a German shorthaired pointer, won best in show at the 140th Westminster Kennel Club on Tuesday night, beating a couple of top favourites at a nearly packed Madison Square Garden.

The 3-year-old C.J. bested 2,751 other entries in 199 breeds and varieties to win the nation's most prestigious dog competition.

But it was a Canadian-bred shih tzu named "Panda" that turned heads at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on Monday, claiming first place in the Toy Group category.

With his long black and white coat blow-dried, brushed and pulled into a top knot, the dog beat out a Pekingese and Pomeranian to take the top spot in the category.

Ontario breeders Wendy, Jody and Richard Paquette bred the two-year-old pup at the Wenrick Kennels in Azilda, Ont.

Speaking to CTV's News Channel on Tuesday, the breeders said Panda's success has been a "dream come true."

"What we've done already is great. If we win the whole thing, that'll just be super," Richard said. "We're very proud to be representing Canada at Westminster."

Panda's Westminster win isn't his first time in the spotlight. Wendy said the dog has previously taken home prizes at other big American dog shows.

In fact, the breeder said she's known since Panda was eight-weeks-old that he would be a star.

"He just had the style and presence that you're looking for in a top show dog," Wendy said. "If you watched him on the table last night, he never stopped wagging his tail. He loves everybody and thinks this is what he should be doing in life."

To keep his coat in showcase condition, Wendy said Panda is bathed and blow dried every three days and brushed daily. His "facial furnishings" and his top knot are arranged every morning.

According to the Westminster Kennel Club website, Panda is now owned by Californians Sharon Bilcich and Jody Garcini.

With files from the Associated Press