Most shrubs bloom in spring, as that is when the pollinators are most active. The best time to prune woody shrubs is within six weeks after they bloom.

Why? Because it is after that time period that they set their blossom buds for next year and there would be no point in cutting them off, when you wait almost a year for them to bloom!

Speaking of flowering shrubs, as each species puts on a show in your neighbourhood you no doubt think, 'Gee, that would look nice in my yard!' This is called advertising, an industry that Mother Nature invented and we somehow perfected for our own purposes. She likes to advertise in an ongoing effort to attract pollinators in her effort to reproduce. Bring on the birds and the bees!

Plant now. What a great time of year. You will find a large selection of flowering shrubs at your favourite garden retailer right now and this is an ideal time to plant.

Don't forget to prepare the soil well with planting soil and a shovel or two of earth worm castings.