The most asked question on my website these days is this: "How do I deal with the grubs in my lawn?" Since most provinces banned the use of 'chemicals' most lawn owners are in a quandry. The grubs, right on cue, seem to be taking over the world of lush green lawns, almost like they know something is up.

Enter the beneficial nematode.  These microscopic sized bullies can take on a grub very nicely.  They feed on the backs of white and grey grubs until they are .... toast.  Actually nematodes occur naturally in your yard, busy munching away under the surface of the soil, doing their work on grubs and certain other soil born insects including cinch bugs.  When you apply nematodes in their dormant state you are intensifying their population in an effort to bring your grub problem under control.

The secret to successful grub control is this: water your lawn for 2 hours before you apply the dormant nematodes and again for 2 hours afterwards.  The idea is to get the nematodes to multiply (which they do on contact with water) and to drive them deep into the soil where the grubs live.

Look for them at a garden retailer where they are sold out of a bar fridge.  At cold temperatures they remain dormant until you are ready to apply.