I love hostas.

As I was preparing for this segment with Jeff, I counted the specimens in my collection. I am up to more than 50.

This would be a problem, if it were something else [perhaps] but not hostas.

I love them for:

  • Their blossoms: which vary from early to late summer bloomers.
  • Size variations: from the 8 centimetres 'Mouse Ears' to 1.2 metre giants
  • For their versatility: they grow in dry shade and bright sunshine, though the variegated ones tend to bleach out in full sun.
  • Hummingbirds love their blossoms.
  • There are reliably hardy to zone 2, which is far north of Edmonton.
  • And there are over 7,000 varieties on the market.

Need more reasons to plant hostas?

Speak to anyone who loves perennials and I will bet that they put hostas near the top of their list of "top 10 favourite perennials."

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