If you’re tired of the gym but want to keep fit, it may be time to explore new workout options. All week on Canada AM, we will be featuring alternative workouts that get you out of the gym and into tip top shape. We tested out the latest and trendiest new fitness crazes. Tune in every day this week to see co-host Marci Ien try each one!

The Lagree Fitness Method

Where we went: Studio Lagree

What it is: You’re asked to get on their special "megaformer" machines and perform a series of pilates-inspired exercises that are designed to get you to muscle failure. Your muscles will be shaking at the end of this intense workout. It’s popular with Hollywood celebrities including Sofia Vergara & Kim Kardashian.

Who it’s good for: If you’re looking for a tough workout that will help you get long, lean muscles, Lagree might be just what you need.


Where we went: Surfset Toronto

What it is: Surfset is an indoor surfing-inspired workout. It’s done on a surfboard on top of exercise balls, in order to mimic the instability of water. You can expect to do lunges, push-ups & burpees, but with the added challenge of balancing on the board.

Who it’s good for: If you’re looking to add an extra degree of difficulty and novelty to your workout, this Surfset could be a fit. You can find a class near you here.

Aerial Yoga

Where we went: Fly Queen West

What it is: Aerial yoga is yoga done with the help of a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling. The silk allows you to get different sorts of stretches you wouldn’t get otherwise, as well as do inversions (which basically means hang upside down).

Who it’s good for: If you’re already a yogi and want to try something new, you might enjoy an aerial class. It’s also good for those looking for a deep stretch or a cool photo to post on their Instagram account.

Circus School

Where we went: Toronto School of Circus Arts

What it is: Toronto School of Circus Arts (and other circus schools across the country) offer lessons in everything from aerial silks, hoops, trampoline and flying trapeze. We tried out the flying trapeze.

Who it’s good for: While the jury is still out on how many calories you burn in a trapeze class, the thrill alone will get your heart racing. It’s good for people who are looking to have some fun and do something that scares them.


Where we went: Fit Factory Fitness

What it is: Boxing a great full body workout. It’s tough, but also very stress relieving. The class we went to at Fit Factory Fitness was taught by a former Marine Corps Drill Instructor. Sgt. Tony "A" put us through the ringer with bag work & boxing drills. His classes are not for the faint of heart, but it’s hard not to get a good workout when there’s drill instructor yelling phrases like "I want to hear thunder!" at you.

Who it’s good for: Boxing gives a hard-core workout in a short amount of time. If you’re looking to keep fit with minimal time invested, you may want to invest in a pair of boxing gloves and find a gym near you.