Sigrid Agren for ChanelThe French luxury brand has unveiled its latest makeup collection, "Les Automnales", featuring plays of shadow and light and a palette of natural colours inspired by the fall season.

The new colour collection will be available in stores this fall.

With this new fall 2015 collection, the Chanel Makeup Studio combines a range of rich textures and effects with a wide array of natural hues and muted undertones.

All are illuminated by shimmering touches of gold, bronze or copper, evocative of the plays of light cast by rays of sunlight on tree branches.

A dramatic eye and radiant glow

This season's very dramatic eye is created with colours directly inspired by nature. Naturally, there are shades of khaki and brown, but also touches of rust that call to mind the turning leaves:

 Chanel, Les 5 Ombres

The iconic beauty brand has created a limited edition palette, "Entrelacs", combining five matte and satiny eye shadows, paying tribute to classic autumn colours: golden beige, velvet beige, bronze, deep brown and beige.

In addition to the limited-edition palette, the Makeup Studio offers "Les 4 Ombres" in "Tissé d'Automne", featuring golden khaki, peach-beige, copper-brown and deep khaki. The "Illusion d'Ombre Velvet" line expands with "Fleur de Pierre", a slate gray with a silver shimmer:

 Chanel, Les 4 Ombres

The frost blush "Joues Contraste" is offered in dusty rose with light golden shimmer. "Alezane" is the ideal blush colour to achieve a radiant natural glow.

Matte, satiny or glossy lips

Several lip colour options are available, ranging from matte to satiny and glossy. Every woman can find a look to suit in the "Les Automnales" collection. "Rouge Allure" is offered in a peachy pink-beige dubbed "Meditation", and a matte red, "Lost & Delirious.":

 Chanel Illusion d'Ombre" line


The "Rouge Coco Shine" line expands with two new shades: a brownish tone called "Missing" and a deep red named "Courage."

New shades of "Stylo Yeux Waterproof" eyeliner, "Volume de Chanel" mascara, "Lèvres Scintillantes" lip gloss, and "Le Vernis" nail colour round out the new makeup collection:

Chanel nail colour