In advance of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, Airbnb bookings have risen a whopping 2,175 per cent for Gangneung, Korea making it the top trending destination of 2018 for the short-term vacation rental site.

After looking at the bookings made in the first half of next year, Airbnb has released its version of the top trending destinations for 2018.

Spectators of the 2018 winter games have been snapping up rooms and apartments in the seaside city of Gangneung, where some of the most popular winter sports -- namely ice skating and hockey -- will be held.

Travelers are also starting to get wind of the seaside resort town of Bournemouth, U.K., which boasts an unusually warm microclimate, dramatic seascapes and pulsing nightlife, placing it second on the top trending list.

Booming downtown centers with burgeoning nightlife, art and dining scenes have also helped drive up bookings to midwestern cities like Indianapolis, IN (256 per cent) and Columbus, OH (254 per cent), which saw the strongest growth in the U.S.

Canada's crown jewel, the Canadian Rockies, have also helped nearby cities within striking distance including Edmonton (284 per cent), Fernie (179 percent) and Kelowna (170 per cent) experience major growth for 2018.

Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2017, drumming up major interest from travel brands and globetrotters alike.

The top trending destinations in Brazil, meanwhile, are oceanside communities described as quieter, smaller alternatives to Rio and Sao Paulo and include Matinhos (209 per cent), Guarapari (205 per cent) and Ubatuba (181 per cent).

Elsewhere in Asia, Guangzhou, the third largest city in China after Beijing and Shanghai, also experienced a 190 per cent spike in bookings, while Hanoi and Da Nang are also seeing a surge in bookings (212 and 255 per cent respectively).

Here are the top trending destinations on Airbnb in 2018 (in per cent):

Gangneung, Korea - 2,175

Bournemouth, U.K. - 353

Edmonton, Canada - 284

Indianapolis, IN - 256

Da Nang, Vietnam - 255

Columbus, OH - 254

Gazimagusa, Cyprus - 234

Bilbao, Spain - 234

Hanoi, Vietnam - 212

Matinhos, Brazil - 209

Cardiff, U.K. - 206

Guarapari, Brazil - 205

Minneapolis, MN - 193

Oita, Japan - 190

Dunedin, New Zealand - 185

Mar del Plata, Argentina - 181

Fernie, Canada - 179

Zagreb, Croatia - 175

Mykonos, Greece - 173

Mazatlan, Mexico - 169

Here are the most popular cities on Airbnb:

1. Tokyo

2. Paris

3. Osaka

4. New York City

5. London

6. Rome

7. Orlando

8. Miami

9. Sydney

10. Lisbon