Florida firefighters used the sound of a mother duck quacking to help rescue eight ducklings from a storm drain.

Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District posted a video to Facebook showing firefighters performing the animal rescue Monday morning at the Spanish Wells Golf and Country Club.

The post says the firefighters patiently and gently pulled the ducklings out of the drain one at a time and returned them to the frantic mother circling the rescuers.

“The video of the momma duck calling to her babies was life-like enough for the ducklings to swim out of the drain and close enough for firefighters to reach them,” the fire service said in the Facebook post.

Firefighter Elliot Wilson was praised for leaning upside down in the drain for several minutes at a time to pluck the ducklings from the drain one by one.

Firefighters said another duck, thought to be the father, flew back and forth overhead during the rescue that ultimately saw the family safely reunited.