TORONTO -- A B.C. family is searching for the owners of a lost drone that was found at the bottom of a creek loaded with footage of a family vacation.

The McClelland family was on a snorkelling trip at Vancouver Island’s Harris Creek, a popular swimming site, when they came across the submerged robot.

Christy McClelland said her husband was the one to discover the drone near a creek bed.

After returning home, the family tried to revive the drone by using the age-old trick of submerging the device into a bowl of rice. While that didn’t work, the McClellands were able to retrieve a memory card from inside the device. 

Footage on the memory card showed a family enjoying a day by the serene creek and diving into its crystal-clear waters.

“It looked like they were having a great time!” Christy McClelland said.

After spending what looked like perfect family vacation day, Christy said the family must have had their day ruined after losing the drone. 

McClelland decided to post the footage on social media in hopes of finding the family and reuniting them with their drone and the footage. So far, no one has stepped forward. 

Not only is this mystery family missing memories, but they would also be short a few hundred dollars, as drones don’t come cheap.

“We looked them up, they're like $600 to $1,000,” McClelland said.

The date stamp on the video shows it was taken on July 29.

While it has been almost a month since the family lost their drone, the McClellands remain hopeful that they can pass along the missing memories.