Dr. Hauschka has announced a limited-edition makeup line with packaging designed entirely by Swedish artist Emma Lindström. This is the first time that the natural and organic skincare brand has embarked on a collaboration of this scale, combining makeup, medicinal plants and art. It's due out from February 1, 2018.

Emma Lindström has created a series of predominantly purple and blue paintings as inspiration for this makeup line, with magnetic, almost hypnotic colors, evoking the cosmos while also nodding to nature. As well as inspiring the outer packaging of products in the collection, Emma Lindström's artworks are also channeled on the products' tubes and cases, fading from black to constellation-like color.

Launched in 1967 by Rudolf Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund, the beauty brand overhauled its makeup line for its 50th anniversary in March.

Originally focused on skincare, Dr. Hauschka now has more than 80 makeup items, as well as a new limited-edition line called "Purple Light," featuring four essentials for daytime and nighttime looks.

This limited-edition collection includes a "Purple Light" foundation compact to unify and mattify skin, as well as a "Purple Light" eyeshadow palette with beige, nude and plum shades with shimmery or matte finishes. There's also a sparkly purple "Purple Light" eye pencil and two liquid lip colors in nude and cherry shades for glossy and highly pigmented color.

The "Purple Light" collection goes on sale from Feb.1.